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The Perfect Combination of Art, Industry, and Technology: Creativity through a Coating Robot
The italian start-up Proximars broke with the past by launching the first mass-produced works of art, created by a human artist and a robot, that is, a mechanical arm that "interprets" the creator's perception.

Rose Gold and Black Chrome Finishes for the Bathroom Accessories Thanks Almain's Sputtering Metallisation Process
Almain has developed a sputtering metallisation process for aluminium profiles over 2 metres with a pre-structured surface by anodic oxidation. This patented process can give to profiles not only finishes in unique and never-before-seen colours, but also exceptional characteristics.

In partenza il 16 Settembre il corso per diventare Tecnico dei Processi di Finitura Industriale delle Superfici
Il corso di formazione di ipcm_Academy è certificato dalla Regione Lombardia, con validità a livello nazionale ed europeo, e accreditato per ottenere i voucher formativi di Regione Lombardia.