04 Diciembre 2020
Evonik has launched SPHERILEX DP-0115, a new matting agent for powder coatings, which provides a matting effect, improving hardness and flexibility.
03 Diciembre 2020
Kolzer announced that its products and services comply with the ISO 9001 quality standard. This attests to the continuous commitment of the PVD coating manufacturer to provide its customers with the best possible quality.
02 Diciembre 2020
Las revistas para la industria de los tratamientos superficiales y acabados orgánicos e inorgánicos dirigidas al mercado español y portugués.
02 Diciembre 2020
Dürr has expanded its paint mixing systems product family by adding a solution for three-component fluids based on the tried-and-tested two-component injection technology.
01 Diciembre 2020
ADAPTA se ha integrado en el panorama de las pinturas antigrafitis con un nuevo producto en polvo de altas prestaciones para la protección de superficies metálicas de bienes públicos y el revestimiento de edificios públicos y privados: a raíz de las pruebas realizadas por diversos laboratorios independientes europeos, la nueva pintura Antigraffiti HCR de ADAPTA se ha revelado como la mejor pintura en polvo antigrafitis comercializada actualmente.
30 Noviembre 2020
Cortec has launched an improved version of its EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 HP Permanent ESD Film and Bags product, which has longer shelf life and permanent anti-static properties for the protection of electronics.
26 Noviembre 2020
Special on ACE and off-road vehicles. This issue features also the insert ICT, dedicated to industrial cleaning technologies.
26 Noviembre 2020
Axalta presented Vibes 2.2020, the second edition of its biannual trend report which showcases the moods, trends and effects that can be achieved with the application of powder coatings on metal substrates for architectural and design projects.
25 Noviembre 2020
Trinseo has appointed Joseph Clarke as technical sales representative of its CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers) business.
24 Noviembre 2020
Technical care maintenance and asset management organization Magnetic MRO has selected a variety of PPG aerospace coatings to complete an aircraft repaint project for a private charter flights management company.
23 Noviembre 2020
As part of AkzoNobel's sustainability ambitions, the company has recently installed solar panels at its production sites in Garcia (Mexico) and Barcelona (Spain).
20 Noviembre 2020
ALIT Technologies developed an in-line paint stripping system of hooks and frames, which can be integrated into existing production lines.
19 Noviembre 2020
Resysten has developed a special coating that prevents the spread of the Coronavirus on surfaces and remains active for up to a year. It will be applied to the surfaces of 450 buses operating in the Hungarian capital to help stop the epidemic curve.
18 Noviembre 2020
Sherwin-Williams has introduced its Colour of the Year for 2021, Urbane Bronze. The colour was designed to let you tap into nature with a hue whose warmth and comfort breathe down-to-earth tranquillity.
17 Noviembre 2020
UCIF members have elected the new corporate officers for the 2020/2022 term.
16 Noviembre 2020
Hempel has received from Vestas the Sustainability Award 2020 for supporting them on their journey to become CO2 neutral by 2030.
13 Noviembre 2020
Performance Coatings, the new digital platform with a completely renewed graphic interface, unifies the offer of the two Business Units of the Portuguese paint manufacturer CIN.
12 Noviembre 2020
Expoquimia, Eurosurfas y Equiplast han organizado UNPRECEDENTED VIRTUAL FORUM, un evento virtual dedicado a las soluciones de vanguardia sobre la digitalización, economía circular y transferencia de tecnología. Tendrá lugar del 16 al 20 de noviembre en el sitio web dedicado al evento.
11 Noviembre 2020
Engineers from Purdue University created a white paint that can keep surfaces up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than their surroundings, without consuming energy.
10 Noviembre 2020
Cortec Corporation has launched a new version without silica of its MCI-309 migrating corrosion inhibitor for protection of metals within an enclosed space, such as PT tendons.
09 Noviembre 2020
Chemical tech start-up AFFIX Labs has launched its latest surface cleaning product, Clean N Coat, a nearly invisible, ultra-thin, anti-microbial coating that actively protects surfaces for up to 7 days. In tests, the coating lasted for over 300 touches.
05 Noviembre 2020
A team of researchers has developed a hybrid implant coating made from antibacterial silver and an antibiotic, which offers to the patients protection from future infections.
04 Noviembre 2020
Scientists from Russia and Switzerland have developed a biodegradable nanocoating with antimicrobial and anti-reflective properties by studying the nanostructures covering the corneas of the eyes of small fruit flies.
03 Noviembre 2020
Portuguese coating manufacturer CIN, announced the launch of C-FLOOR PU280 WB, a new coating to cover large concrete surfaces such as warehouses, car parks and pedestrian traffic areas.
02 Noviembre 2020
The new spectro2profiler represents a major step forward for the industry because currently, the only way to check the quality of structured surface is a visual inspection. The new tool measures colour, gloss and analyses the 3D topography of the surface texture.
02 Noviembre 2020
WAGNER Group announced the launch of WAGNER Service App, developed to provide on demand fast and reliable support to its customers.
30 Octubre 2020
The 32nd edition of BI-MU, the biennial dedicated to the sector of machine tools, robot, automation and additive manufacturing, ended on October 17 with good results, showing the world the strength of Italy and the willingness to react.
29 Octubre 2020
Reinhardt has developed a multivariable coating system to improve the material flow with intelligence part guidance.
28 Octubre 2020
Stardust Powder Coatings, a manufacturer of powder coatings based in L'Aquila (Italy), has tested for the first time and with positive results an antiviral coating that can inhibit the human Coronavirus NL63.
27 Octubre 2020
Jotun has announced the launch of the SeaQuantum III series, a new range of antifouling coatings that feature microZone technology for tailor-made fouling protection.
26 Octubre 2020
Cortec announced the launch of CorrTube, the latest addition to the company's anticorrosion packaging solutions, which provides multimetal corrosion protection.
23 Octubre 2020
Read the latest edition of the magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control technologies in the heavy industry.
22 Octubre 2020
Peerless Plastics and Coatings, a manufacturer of hard coatings for plastics based in Thetford (UK), has tested its MicroGuard Anti-Fog coating range against NL63 Human Coronavirus, proving 99% effective.
21 Octubre 2020
AkzoNobel announced the acquisition of the decorative paints business of Spanish paint and coatings manufacturer Industrias Titan S.A.U.
20 Octubre 2020
Until now, conventional silver metallic paints have represented a challenge in the autonomous driving field where it is essential that paints have a high degree of transparency. However, ECKART has now launched on the market pigments for silver metallic color shades specifically for use in this sector.
19 Octubre 2020
BioPad by Cortec, powered by NANO VpCI, ensures corrosion and surface protection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and several other alloys.
16 Octubre 2020
b+m surface systems GmbH has acquired the customer service and spare parts business for the "Application Technology" division of the insolvent system manufacturer Eisenmann. This includes the hardware and software of the application technology from material supply to the atomizer.
14 Octubre 2020
Fastrip T5 is the range of paint stripping tanks with a capacity of 800 liters, which combines sturdiness, flexibility and process efficiency for an optimal stripping result.
13 Octubre 2020
Para satisfacer las demandas de durabilidad, aspecto y sostenibilidad en la protección del acero galvanizado, Axalta ha desarrollado el revestimiento en polvo Alesta AP QualiSteel.
12 Octubre 2020
Supplement of ipcm® - International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 65.
12 Octubre 2020
The 2020-2021 Automotive Color Trends collection by BASF aims at representing the blend of the physical and digital worlds in a constantly changing environment, playing with concepts that intertwine surface, texture and colour.
09 Octubre 2020
Cortec announced that its patented EcoSol water soluble pouches will be produced at the company's European bioplastics plant located in Croatia, with the aim of ensuring prompt delivery of custom-made pouches to European and Asian customers.
08 Octubre 2020
To effectively reduce bacterial proliferation and improve the permanent hygiene of the surfaces with which we come into continuous contact, Stardust has developed Guardian AM. The antimicrobial solution is also available as Guardian AM Architectural and Guardian AM Medical, dedicated respectively to the architectural and hospital field.
07 Octubre 2020
The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink, and Artist's Colours Industry (CEPE) appointed André Vieira de Castro as new Chairman of the CEPE Board and welcomes new Board members.
06 Octubre 2020
AkzoNobel announced that work is underway to build a state-of-the-art and sustainable powder coatings plant in Chungli, Taiwan.
05 Octubre 2020
PPG announced the launch of a new line of flooring coating systems, which include prime coats, base coats and topcoats. These coatings are specially formulated for general purpose, high traffic, chemical and outdoor work environments.
02 Octubre 2020
To effectively protect cooling systems from corrosion during dry layup, Cortec has developed Cooling Tower Frog, which features Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors packaged in polyvinyl-alcohol water-soluble bags.
01 Octubre 2020
A physics professor from the University of Houston has developed a nanotech coating designed to allow air filters to capture airborne or aerosolized droplets of the virus that causes COVID-19.
30 Septiembre 2020
The appearance of paint and plastic surfaces is affected by structures, often referred to as orange peel. In the production of cars and similar multi-component goods many materials are used under various manufacturing processes. The goal - and challenge - is to create a harmonious overall impression of all parts. Especially the paint application process is influenced by many parameters, being paint viscosity, substrate roughness or film thickness, to name just a few examples. Objective measurement data are required for quality communication and to guarantee process stability.
30 Septiembre 2020
The manufacturer of powder coatings ST Powder Coatings has successfully finalised the ELITE program of the Italian Stock Exchange, which accompanies businesses along a path of organizational and managerial development.
29 Septiembre 2020
AkzoNobel is investing €20 million to increase powder coatings capacity at its site in Como, Italy. The investment underlines the company's intent to strengthen its market position and sharpen its focus on greener manufacturing.
28 Septiembre 2020
Special on architecture and design.
28 Septiembre 2020
With the aim of reducing the amount of plastic consumption, the Czech subsidiary of one of the world's three largest car manufacturers is testing Cortec Corporation's biodegradable corrosion inhibiting film.
25 Septiembre 2020
Following the increasing concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic across Europe and continued travel restrictions, WindEurope Hamburg will be held online, on 1-4 December.
24 Septiembre 2020
The two trade fairs Petrochymia and LH PétroChimie will be held respectively on 4/5 and 25/26 November, with the aim of bringing together the petrochemical, chemical and energy industries.
23 Septiembre 2020
Teknos has launched Teknoblade repair 9000-20, the new version of its leading edge repair solution for wind turbine rotor blades.
22 Septiembre 2020
The International Machine-Tool Exhibition has been postponed to May 30 - June 3, 2022 due to the uncertainties related to the particular historical context in which we are living. Consequently, the edition that should have been held this year in November has been cancelled.
21 Septiembre 2020
Vestas and Hempel have signed a new strategic partnership to cooperate around innovative solutions for surface protection of wind turbines, with the aim of reducing the CO2 footprint of the production of wind turbines.
18 Septiembre 2020
AkzoNobel's aerospace coatings facility in Dongguan, China, has been qualified by Boeing to colour blend the company's Aerodur 3001 basecoat.
17 Septiembre 2020
IVS together with Confindustria Bergamo, Promoberg and Valve Campus has presented the scientific committee, composed by a parterre of 19 experts representing the entire production chain.
16 Septiembre 2020
PPG's Colorful Communities program has recently transformed the interiors of the "Andrea Vochieri" middle school in Alessandria (AL).
15 Septiembre 2020
Cortec has expanded its portfolio of sustainable VpCI products, which protect metals by conditioning enclosed environments with corrosion inhibiting vapor molecules.
14 Septiembre 2020
Easyfairs Iberia ha anunciado que MetalMadrid y Composites Spain se pospondrán al 17 y 18 de noviembre de 2021 en una decisión consensuada con la industria y dada la situación de Fuerza Mayor con motivo del COVID-19.
11 Septiembre 2020
Preparations are underway for the 4th edition of DeburringExpo, the leading trade fair for deburring technologies and precision surface finishing, which will take place on 12-14 October 2021.
10 Septiembre 2020
Recent studies show that the volume of microplastics from paint on steel surfaces that enter the ocean every year could be as high as 1.5-2.25 million tonnes, equivalent to 150-225 billion empty plastic bottles.
09 Septiembre 2020
Brave Ground has been unveiled as AkzoNobel's Color of the Year for 2021. The colour is a warm and grounding neutral shade which aims at giving us the courage to embrace change.
08 Septiembre 2020
Jotun has signed a commercial contract with global container shipping and logistics company MSC, Mediterranean Shipping Company. Jotun will provide MSC with its Hull Skating Solutions (HSS).
07 Septiembre 2020
In June 2020, Cortec has been awarded a patent for innovation in the field of VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) science. The new patent covers Cortec's EcoShield VpCI-226, a 100% nitrite free film that protects metals from corrosion.
04 Septiembre 2020
AkzoNobel has completed the acquisition of Stahl Performance Powder Coatings and its range of products for heat sensitive substrates. The deal gives the company accelerated access to unique low curing technology.
03 Septiembre 2020
Featuring softened hues and neutrals that aim at serving as a release for over-stimulated, weary consumers, PPG has unveiled its 2021 Palette of the Year "Be Well".
02 Septiembre 2020
Artist Sacha Jafri is attempting to create the largest painting ever created on canvas for its Humanity Inspired project and he is using AkzoNobel's Dulux paints.
01 Septiembre 2020
Scientists at TU Dresden and the Fraunhofer IWS have developed a periodic surface structure, which is water and ice repellent and also removes dirt particles.
31 Agosto 2020
Camilla Travis was appointed Group Director for Marketing at Hempel A/S.
28 Agosto 2020
Following the insolvency of LUTRO Luft- und Trockentechnik GmbH in April, the company has restructured its customer service, partnering with b+m surface systems GmbH.
27 Agosto 2020
Ha llegado el momento de recomenzar.
27 Agosto 2020
Dürr will be among the partners for the new Industrial Cloud of Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services, providing two applications from the DXQ software.
26 Agosto 2020
Dörken has restructured itself by merging Dörken MKS-Systeme, CD-Color and Protec Systempasten into one company under the name Dörken Coatings GmbH & Co. KG. Dörken GmbH & Co. KG will continue to operate under this name.
25 Agosto 2020
Cortec launched EcoShield 386 FD, a new fast-dry water-based DTM anti-corrosion coating, which expands the EcoShield 386 portfolio.
24 Agosto 2020
Adapta has launched its new ETERNAL Collection within the VIVENDI UDS range for architectural planning and design.
07 Agosto 2020
US industry is looking for more sustainable solutions to replace plastic bags which are highly polluting and non-biodegradable. But, Cortec Corporation is already well ahead in that achievement with a strong recycling program that produces VCI films with up to 20% recycled content.
06 Agosto 2020
Since 1 August 2020, Katarina Lindström has become the new Executive Vice President and COO of Hempel.
05 Agosto 2020
Cabycal ha desarrollado e instalado en una empresa de electrodomésticos un túnel doble de tratamiento que ahorra un 80% en consume eléctrico.
04 Agosto 2020
Dürr has developed EcoPaintJet, a new technique that allows paint application over large areas or in simple patterns with high edge definition and no overspray. The technology is now available for the general industry in an easily integrated set.
03 Agosto 2020
Plastic parts accompany us in everyday life. But plastic is not the same. The variety of material composition and shape is very wide. The demands on the finished surface are different too, so introducing all possible finishing solutions, designed by Venjakob would go too far.
03 Agosto 2020
SANITIZED AG has signed a distribution agreement with CHEMLOGIS to market Sanitized antimicrobial additives for hygiene function and material protection for polymers in Mexico.
31 Julio 2020
In a paper published in the journal Advanced Materials, two UC Berkeley researchers described how to imbed visual "decoys" into surfaces of objects in a way that can fool people into thinking they detect a specific image in the infrared that actually isn't there. This kind of technology could prove useful for military and intelligence agencies to ensure national security.
30 Julio 2020
Lukas Gröner of the Fraunhofer IWM, MikroTribologie Centrum µTC, has developed a coating that effectively protects steel from the penetration of hydrogen. The barrier effect of this so-called MAX-phase layer is 3500 times greater than that of untreated steel.
29 Julio 2020
IVS launches an appeal to the industrial valve production chain to receive scientific and technological contributions by 15th December for the conference sessions of the fourth edition of the fair.
28 Julio 2020
Cortec Corporation has launched EcoShield Barrier Coating, a recyclable moisture barrier coating for the food packaging industry.
27 Julio 2020
AFFIX Labs has launched Si-Quat, a versatile anti-viral surface treatment that has been scientifically proven to last for months on any surface or textile while effectively killing the COVID-19 pathogen upon contact.
24 Julio 2020
Dürr ha desarrolado EcoProBooth, un nuevo concepto de cabina de pintura que combina pintura interior y exterior en un único módulo.
23 Julio 2020
China's JDB Group selected PPG Innovel non-BPA solution to coat beverage cans for its Jia Duo Bao (JDB) herbal tea.
22 Julio 2020
Asahi Kasei has introduced the new engineered resin series SoForm of the Thermylene Brand, a Class-A surface material with low emissions and scratch resistance.
21 Julio 2020
Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the stricter regulations imposed by Baden-Württemberg on hygiene and distance for trade fairs and the limitations on international travel, the world's leading trade fair for industrial coating technologies will not take place this year.
20 Julio 2020
Cortec launched CorroLogic Fogging Fluid VpCI-339, a ready-to-use vapour phase corrosion inhibitor to protect complex internal cavities and voids.
17 Julio 2020
After one year of construction, FreiLacke is moving into its new administration building, which features state-of-the-art workspaces for up to 70 employees.
16 Julio 2020
To provide an environmentally friendly and cost-reducing wastewater treatment for production process, H2O has developed and launched ZLD 300, a new VACUDEST ZLD technology.
15 Julio 2020
Biobased corrosion solution BioPad by Cotec has become a USDA certified product.
14 Julio 2020
BASF has been recognised as 2019 Supplier of the Year by General Motors for the 15th time and honoured with the Overdrive Award for Sustainability.
13 Julio 2020
BYK-Gardner has launched a new version of its data analysis software smart-chart.
10 Julio 2020
parts2clean and SurfaceTechnlogy, which were scheduled for 27‒29 October, will not be held this year. The two fairs will return respectively in October 2021 and June 2022.
09 Julio 2020
AkzoNobel is supplying customized protective coating solutions for Canada's largest liquid natural gas facility.
08 Julio 2020
Cortec Corporation has published a detailed guide to "Layup of Land Based Drilling Rigs" to provide operators with practical solutions for the preservation of their assets.
07 Julio 2020
AkzoNobel's Interpon brand introduced a new 3D imaging technology, designed to help architects and specifiers choose exactly the right coating for their needs.
06 Julio 2020
At the 27th edition of the TOP 100 innovation competition, Ewald Dörken has been honoured in the category "Innovative processes and organisation". This is the seventh time the company has been among the top innovators.
03 Julio 2020
The company was selected for the second time in the TOP 100 innovative companies in Germany, impressing the jury for the "Innovative Processes and Organization" category.
02 Julio 2020
Biesterfeld and Evonik are strengthening their long-standing partnership in Eastern Europe in the field of coating additives for paint and varnishes.
02 Julio 2020
PUR-ALL is the new technology developed by R&D team of CIE and MST Chemicals group. Thanks to Chemical Specialties and specific installations, the PUR-ALL process allows the final user to decide whether to use his waste water treatment process to dump the final purified water or to use it for irrigation or to reuse it in the finishing lines.
01 Julio 2020
Anton Paar offers an extensive range of solutions for material characterization. Measure challenging samples of any type with Anton Paar instruments. Determine essential parameters from the raw material to the finished product - for quality control and also for R&D.
01 Julio 2020
DXQbusiness.intelligence, la última incorporación de Dürr a su familia digital DXQ, proporciona una nueva aplicación de inteligencia empresarial para controlar de manera eficiente los procesos de producción en el sector automotriz.
30 Junio 2020
La edición 2020 de la feria líder mundial de tecnologías de pintura industrial se pospuso para una fecha posterior debido a la nueva regulación que entró en vigor en Baden-Württemberg para contrarrestar la propagación del coronavirus.
30 Junio 2020
After about two years of development, Evonik officially launched COATINO®, the first digital laboratory assistant for paint and coatings formulators.
29 Junio 2020
In this issue you will find specialised articles on protective technologies devoted to the energy sector, with a particular focus on the offshore field.
29 Junio 2020
On June 19, Dörken held a double event, celebrating both the opening of its new office building and the beginning of the extension works of its construction foil unit in Hagen-Vorhalle.
26 Junio 2020
Clariant's Licocare RBW Vita Range, Licolub FA 1 and Licowax have been awarded the "OK compost INDUSTRIAL" certificate. In addition, Licocare RBW 102 Vita was granted the "OK biodegradable SOIL" label.
25 Junio 2020
Walther Trowal designed the "AM post process machines" model range AM for refining the surface of components produced with additive manufacturing.
24 Junio 2020
AUVOT, which stands for Automotive Vehicles of Trends, is a new tool developed by BASF's Coatings division to support OEMs to visualize the effect of colours on automotive surfaces with different geometries.
23 Junio 2020
BYK-Gardner expands its range of quality control tools presenting spectro2profiler, a brand-new instrument to measure colour and gloss and analyse the 3D topography of the surface texture.
22 Junio 2020
Spray S.A., fabricante español de Sistemas Electrostáticos Industriales para la aplicación de pintura liquida y en polvo, presenta la línea de recubrimiento en polvo serie S600, creada en colaboración con Ramseier Koatings.
19 Junio 2020
Trade fairs are exempt from the ban on major events in Germany, which was extended on 17 June 2020 until the end of October 2020.
19 Junio 2020
Fira de Barcelona ha elaborado un protocol antiCovid en colaboración con Aon y el Hospital Clínic de Barcelona para la reanudación de su calendario de eventos en septiembre.
18 Junio 2020
Milliken & Company, through its ColorDirection 2021, has launched the Harmonic Synergy palette for 2021 with the aim of providing design inspiration and building an effective customer colour experience.
17 Junio 2020
ST Powder Coatings, an Italian manufacturer of powder coatings, has launched a new line of super-durable powder coatings, with Qualicoat Class 2 approval.
16 Junio 2020
Nano Graphene Inc., has announced its antibacterial product lines have proven to be able to kill 99.9% of bacteria on various surfaces. They can be very helpful in tackling the current pandemic as well as possible future pandemics.
15 Junio 2020
At the beginning of June, specialty chemicals manufacturer BYK launched its new website. The new website aims at providing BYK's customers a more informative, more modern, and more service-oriented platform.
12 Junio 2020
El promotor de PaintExpo, FairFair GmbH, ha anunciado que feria líder mundial de técnicas de lacado industrial tendrá lugar del 12 al 15 de octubre de 2020 en el recinto ferial de Karlsruhe.
12 Junio 2020
Italian manufacturer of powder coatings, Europolveri, has commited to helping its territory by donating to health care NPO Fondazione San Bortolo.
11 Junio 2020
According to a new survey by Asahi Kasei Europe, automotive interior features such as premium, hygienic and sound-absorbing surfaces, will become a differentiating element and influence buying decisions.
10 Junio 2020
Spies Hecker, una marca global de pintura de Axalta, presenta el nuevo diseño de pintura y el nuevo color de las nuevas monoplazas del equipo de Fórmula 1 Mercedes-AMG Petronas.
09 Junio 2020
Cortec developed MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film for the preservation and corrosion protection of outdoor assets, effective even in the harshest environments.
08 Junio 2020
Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Schmieder, The Supervisory Board of ALTANA, has reconstituted itself and has appointed Dr. Matthias L. Wolfgruber as its new chairman.
05 Junio 2020
Eurosurfas, el encuentro internacional del tratamiento de superficies de Fira de Barcelona, ha lanzado un ciclo de seminarios web gratuitos programados del 2 al 5 de junio para analizar con varios expertos el papel de la economía circular, la digitalización y las nuevas tecnologías.
05 Junio 2020
AkzoNobel decided to add an antimicrobial technology, developed by BioCote®, to its Interpon D range of architectural powder coatings to meet the increased demand for products that can improve hygiene, while maintaining the same outstanding color quality and extreme durability that Interpon D is renowned for.
04 Junio 2020
Special on Automotive and Covid-19. Includes also the special insert ICT - Industrial Cleaning Technologies.
04 Junio 2020
The new Kolzer machines allow to apply an antibacterial copper coating using the Sputtering technique. Copper is a chemical element that, according to a research conducted by the University of Southampton, boasts antibacterial and antiviral properties.
03 Junio 2020
This year's lockdown made us realize how important and necessary it is to protect basic utilities such as boilers, cooling water systems, and closed loops. For this purpose, Cortec® has released a detailed white paper on strategies to help commercial and institutional facilities prevent the corrosion.
02 Junio 2020
It is not always easy to find owners willing to pilot-test an onboard remotely-operated proactive hull cleaning unit, but this was not the case with Wallenius Wilhelmsen. Jotun found a partner in the Norwegian/Swedish shipping company who shared their vision for a more environmentally friendly maritime sector.
28 Mayo 2020
Axalta, con su marca de repintado Spies Hecker ha renovado su contrato de proveedor oficial con el equipo de Fórmula 1 Mercedes-AMG Petronas.
27 Mayo 2020
Corrosion inhibitors manufacturer Hexigone Inhibitors is now manufacturing hand sanitiser to help protect staff on the front line.
26 Mayo 2020
To ensure long-term protection against corrosion and enhance the durability of metallic reinforcement in concrete structures Cortec provided the corrosion inhibiting admixture MCI®-2005 for the construction of the Kinnet Tunnel in Israel.
25 Mayo 2020
Hempel began the construction of a new factory in Yantai Chemical Industrial Park to strengthen its presence in China.
22 Mayo 2020
Jotun is collaborating with Odfjell Drilling to provide an anti-fouling and topside coating solution for drilling platform Deepsea Stavanger, which is located off the coast of South Africa and set to work for oil major Total.
21 Mayo 2020
Ewald Dörken AG launched the WE.YOU.HERE initiative to support the local economy of Herdecke and Hagen during the Coronavirus pandemic.
20 Mayo 2020
Manufacturer and supplier of paint test equipment TQC Sheen, headquartered in The Netherlands, is now part of Industrial Physics Inks & Coatings segment.
19 Mayo 2020
Los primeros numeros de dos de nuestras 5 publicaciones, completamente realizados durante el encierro.
19 Mayo 2020
Para proporcionar ayuda concreta en la protección contra el Coronavirus, Graco ha desarrollado SaniSpray HP, una línea de pulverizadores para la aplicación de desinfectantes sobre cualquier superficie.
18 Mayo 2020
Politecnico di Milano is a partner of the HORIZON 2020 MACBETH (Membranes And Catalysts Beyond Economic and Technological Hurdles) project, which aims to demonstrate the functionality of the innovative membrane reactor technology on an industrial scale (TRL 7 level).
15 Mayo 2020
The solutions presented at the 18th edition of parts2clean will support companies from the production and remanufacturing sectors in improving their future viability and thus emerge from the crisis generated by COVID-19 stronger.
14 Mayo 2020
To provide a permanent antimicrobial solution, also effective against viruses such as Covid-19, and reducing infection risks, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is offering vacuum sputtering machines to apply copper layers on all types of surfaces.
13 Mayo 2020
To support Circular Economy and present the market with a viable alternative to traditional moisture barrier packaging, Cortec® Corporation developed EcoShield® Recyclable Barrier Paper and Linerboard, which are coated with a water-based barrier coating that resists moisture, grease and oil, and allows recycling and repulping.
12 Mayo 2020
The Voltatex® award-winning line of resins is used to produce essential medical devices and healthcare equipment during the global pandemic of COVID-19 such as respirators, facemasks and MRI machines.
11 Mayo 2020
HMG is working closely with partners to supply First Thing Sanitise for front-line workers, care providers and charities in Manchester and across the UK.
08 Mayo 2020
Royal DSM is eliminating alkylphenol-ethoxylates (APEOs) from its European coating resin product lines in order to offer a more sustainable portfolio of coating resins. This decision is part of the company's sustainable strategy which aims at eliminating also CoCH from all coating resins products by 2025.
07 Mayo 2020
Evonik, as part of a consortium of 24 partners, has launched the EU-funded project MACBETH. The aim of the project is to develop a new process for catalytics synthesis that combines several previously separate production steps, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 35% and increasing efficiency by up to 70%.
06 Mayo 2020
Los recubrimientos en polvo son ampliamente utilizados en el lacado del aluminio y contribuyen tanto a dar un aspecto estético como a la protección de estos materiales frente a la corrosión. Al igual que otros materiales utilizados en la construcción como el vidrio, plástico, cerámica, o incluso el acero inoxidable, requieren de operaciones de limpieza y mantenimiento a lo largo de su vida útil. A tal fin, Adapta lanza al mercado Façade CR-0000.
05 Mayo 2020
A prototype based on BIO-UV Group's UV technology, which is usually used to eliminate invasive species found in ships' ballast water tanks, is being tested to be used as a surface disinfection system against Covid-19.
04 Mayo 2020
Thanks to a joint collaboration, AkzoNobel and BYK-Gardner launched spectro2profiler, a new instrument to check the quality of a textured powder coating surface, measuring colour and gloss, and analysing the 3D topography of the surface texture.
30 Abril 2020
A causa de la pandemia de Coronavirus, Axalta Coating Systems Ltd. ha anunciado la conclusión e la revisión de las alternativas estratégicas, iniciada El 19 de junio de 2019 por su Junta Directiva para maximizar el valor accionarial.
29 Abril 2020
Lotus, un fabricante británico de automóviles deportivos, confía en la alta calidad y eficiencia de las tecnologías de Dürr para automatizar el taller de pintura de carrocería de su sede central británica en Hethel.
28 Abril 2020
To limit the spread of COVID 19 and in accordance to the measures issued by the French Government, Global Industrie will not be held as scheduled in the first half of 2020 and are directly postponed to 2021.
27 Abril 2020
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pipeline Technology Conference ptc has been held online.
24 Abril 2020
Inspired by the way plants and animals can change colour in nature, scientists from Northumbria University have developed a new optical sensing technology which can light up areas of an object or material by creating microscopic wrinkles and folds within its surface.
23 Abril 2020
Dürr Systems AG won the German Innovation Award in the "Large Enterprise" category for its EcoPaintJet robotic painting system. This revolutionary innovation for the razor-sharp painting of cars and other products has several benefits such as 100% of the paint is applied on the surface without waste, easier and faster two-tone paint application process, more energy-efficient and resource-friendly way than before.
22 Abril 2020
Royal DSM announced the launch of a new, universal primer resin, NeoCryl® HP-1000, that enables long-term adhesion and functional performance for trim and lacquer paints and eliminates the requirement for sanding.
21 Abril 2020
Top-notch articles about great technological innovations, cutting-edge systems, and success stories of the protective coatings industry.
21 Abril 2020
To support paint formulators, Evonik introduced a new defoamer and three new dispersing additives as part of its portfolio for interior and exterior paints.
20 Abril 2020
Perstorp has started a large-scale production of hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant for the Swedish healthcare sector at cost price the help solving the Swedish national disinfection crisis.
17 Abril 2020
Dürr presenta Advanced Analytics, la primera aplicación de IA lista para el mercado creada para los talleres de pintura. Parte del último módulo de la serie de productos DXQanalyze, esta solución combina la tecnología de TI más avanzada y los amplios conocimientos en materia de mecánica de Dürr, identifica fuentes de defectos, determina los planes de mantenimiento óptimos establece correlaciones desconocidas previamente y utiliza esta información para adaptar el algoritmo al taller aplicando el principio de autoaprendizaje.
16 Abril 2020
Datacolor announced 3 series of webinars on colour measurement and digital colour management starting from April 21st.
16 Abril 2020
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequential significant market disruption, AkzoNobel has decided to pause key parts of the company's transformation and suspend its 2020 financial ambition.
15 Abril 2020
Nella serata di martedì 14 aprile si è spento Corrado Baroni, esponente di spicco del settore dell'alluminio europeo.
15 Abril 2020
To aid in the Coronavirus crisis, several Covestro plants around the world are providing raw materials for the production of supplies such as medical devices, safety goggles for medical staff and hospital mattresses.
14 Abril 2020
South Korean manufacturer SONGWON is expanding its partnership with Biesterfeld to include the distribution of new functional monomers.
10 Abril 2020
Clariant appointed Martin John as Global Head of Business Line Advanced Surface Solutions.
09 Abril 2020
From 1 July 2020, Pernille Lind Olsen becomes the new Group Vice President for Hempel Europe & Africa.
08 Abril 2020
Carboline is now offering a series of free online coating education classes.
08 Abril 2020
With a score of 55 points, Dürr was in the top 25% of all companies rated by EcoVadis and achieved another Silver medal thanks to improvements in the labor and human rights category.
07 Abril 2020
Attraverso il marchio WaterSet, l'azienda di San Pietro in Casale, Bologna, specializzata negli impianti di trattamento delle acque di processo, ha trasformato una parte della propria produzione per far fronte all'attuale emergenza sanitaria.
07 Abril 2020
Following the health emergency related to Coronavirus, the second edition of Fastener Fair France has been postponed. The new dates will be announced shortly.
06 Abril 2020
CALDAN, the Danish supplier of overhead & floor conveyor system, celebrates the anniversary of CALDAN Germany and CALDAN France in 2020.
03 Abril 2020
Due to the critical situation caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and following the Hannover region decree which bans group gatherings, Hannover Messe will not take place this year. The next edition will therefore take place in April 2021.
02 Abril 2020
Skins® Sandy is the newest addition to Royal DSM Skins® range of haptic coating resins. The new resin will enable print and packaging manufacturers to add sand-like textures to a wide range of materials, including food packaging.
01 Abril 2020
Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the 2020 edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, initially postponed to June, has been officially cancelled and rescheduled for the year 2021.
31 Marzo 2020
SensoTech GmbH has designed LiquiSonic® a high precision all-round analyzer for laboratories and technical centres.
30 Marzo 2020
StocExpo wants to thank the industry for the resilience it showed during the event, despite the difficult circumstances due to the spread of Covid-19.
27 Marzo 2020
AkzoNobel has launched Hammerite Ultima, a new water-based paint designed to provide superior protection to all types of metals for a wide range of applications.
26 Marzo 2020
Cortec® Corporation has unveiled its new Boiler Egg™, a VpCI additive for corrosion protection of industrial water systems, which can reduce the risk of extra downtime, clogging, leakage, and shortened service life that comes from corrosion.
25 Marzo 2020
Dow has launched two new products - a silicone resin emulsion and a defoamer additive - that provide simpler formulation and higher temperature resistance for waterbased industrial coatings.
24 Marzo 2020
La 31a edición de BIEMH, la feria internacional de máquinas herramienta, se reprogramó del 23 al 27 de noviembre de 2020, debido a la emergencia mundial de salud declarada por la OMS a causa del brote del Coronavirus.
23 Marzo 2020
Due to the health emergency generated by COVID-19, the 27th edition of Eurosurfas, the International Meeting of Surface Treatment Solutions, has been postponed to December 1 to 4, 2020.
23 Marzo 2020
Para apoyar el desarrollo de nuevas pinturas especiales, WB Coatings ha integrado un robot de pintura compacto Dürr en su laboratorio de investigación y desarrollo. El robot permite reproducir el espesor de capa de recubrimiento con una precisión de rango micrométrico, ayudando al desarrollo de sistemas de pintura especiales, como los que tienen un efecto cromado.
20 Marzo 2020
Portuguese manufacturer of paints and varnishes CIN has revealed the colour trends for 2020 in the latest edition of the colour card Color Revelation. The 2020 colour of the year is Pink Oyster, which aims at communicating happiness, softness and optimism.
19 Marzo 2020
Para abordar la emergencia de salud de Coronavirus, Kolzer ha puesto a disposición habilidades y maquinaria para depositar nanopartículas de plata en cualquier sustrato, incluidas máscaras y otros dispositivos médicos. De hecho, las nanopartículas de plata pueden inhibir la infección por virus y prevenir la entrada viral.
19 Marzo 2020
Royal DSM announced the launch of NeoAdd PAX, an innovative crosslinker portfolio which combines low-toxicity and high-performance.
18 Marzo 2020
A highly-modern electroplating drum unit recently entered operation at Reisser Schraubentechnik in Ingelfingen. The concept and realisation were undertaken in an exemplary joint project of all parties involved, showing that this can result in significant added value for customers as well as all partners.
17 Marzo 2020
Kolzer has recently revamped its website with new graphics and contents.
16 Marzo 2020
Cortec® Corporation announced that its popular and convenient Cor-Pak® 1-MUL Pouches are now available in 8-MUL format for eight times the corrosion protection volume previously offered.
13 Marzo 2020
PaintExpo, la feria líder de tecnologías de pintura industrial que debería haber tenido lugar del 21 al 24 de abril, se llevará a cabo del 12 al 15 de octubre 2020 en Karlsruhe, Alemania. ipcm continuará siguiendo el calendario editorial publicado y los programas de distribución.
13 Marzo 2020
The Airbus built Sun explorer spacecraft Solar Orbiter was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on 10th February 2020.
12 Marzo 2020
AkzoNobel has launched its digital Report 2019, which highlights the company's continued progress during another successful year of transformation, innovation and investment in the future.
11 Marzo 2020
To stop the spread of disease, the new coating could be used to coat phone screens and keyboards, as well as the inside of catheters and breathing tubes, which are a major source of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).
10 Marzo 2020
Airbus and the University of Surrey, England, have developed a robust multilayer nano-barrier for ultra-lightweight and stable carbon fibre reinforced polymers. It could be used to build instruments for future space missions.
09 Marzo 2020
The publishing house has implemented all the measures required by the Italian Government to contain and contrast the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
09 Marzo 2020
Akzo Nobel N.V. has completed the acquisition of the remaining 25% stake in Akzo Nobel Boya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., a leading powder coatings joint venture in Turkey. The company has now acquired full ownership, having previously held the majority share.
05 Marzo 2020
PaintExpo, la feria líder de tecnologías de pintura industrial que debería haber tenido lugar en abril, se celebrará más adelante a lo largo de 2020, a una fecha aún por definir. ipcm continuará siguiendo el calendario editorial publicado y los programas de distribución.
04 Marzo 2020
Cortec® VpCI®-126 FR combines the market's top-quality VCI film with the added benefit of flame resistance for dual protection of metals during storage or shipment.
03 Marzo 2020
Katarina Lindström will join Hempel as Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer from 1 August 2020 and will play a central role in delivering on the company's ambition to double in size.
28 Febrero 2020
Supplement of ipcm® - International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 61
28 Febrero 2020
Del 2 al 5 de junio, el recinto de Gran Via acoge la 27ª edición de Eurosurfas, el Encuentro Internacional del Tratamiento de Superficies de Fira de Barcelona. En esta entrevista, la directora del salón, Pilar Navarro, da a conocer las principales novedades del evento ferial más emblemático del sector a nivel nacional.
27 Febrero 2020
An Oregon State University chemistry researcher who made history a decade ago with the accidental discovery of the first new blue inorganic pigment in more than two centuries is again pushing forward the science of colour. Analysing the crystal structure of pigments based on hibonite, a mineral found in meteorites, Mas Subramanian of the OSU College of Science has paved the way toward designing more pigments that are stable, durable and non-toxic with vivid hues.
26 Febrero 2020
Due to the medical emergency caused by Coronavirus Covid-19, MECSPE and Salone del Mobile.Milano have been officially postponed to June. The distribution programs of ICT, ipcm and all the other magazines will remain the same, following the fairs and their possible rescheduling.
26 Febrero 2020
Advanced battery anode materials and graphene additives provider Talga Resources Ltd announced the commencement of a new large-scale commercial trial of its Talcoat graphene additive for maritime coatings. At the core of the Talcoat product is Talga's new patent pending graphene functionalisation technology in the form of an on-site dispersible powder that can successfully add graphene's exceptional strength into paint and coatings.
25 Febrero 2020
Lee las nuestras revistas tecnicas para la industria de los tratamientos superficiales y acabados orgánicos e inorgánicos dirigida al mercado español, portugués y suramericano.
25 Febrero 2020
Materials scientists at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering and their colleagues in China have developed an ice-prevention coating inspired by the way Antarctic fish species keep their blood from freezing.
24 Febrero 2020
The nearly 8 km rail and road link between Denmark and Sweden will be repainted for the first time since it opened to traffic in 2000. The operation, reported to be the largest maintenance on the structure since 1999, will take an estimated time of 13 years.
20 Febrero 2020
Inventive scientific research into colour, light and paint is at the core of the next phase of AkzoNobel's trailblazing Operation Night Watch partnership with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Rembrandt's masterpiece is undergoing the biggest and most innovative conservation in its history, with the two partners combining their knowledge and expertise to conserve and restore the painting in the best possible way.
19 Febrero 2020
The ChemQuest Group, Inc., a leading international business strategy firm in specialty chemicals, announces the addition of Dr. Victoria Scarborough as Vice President of Collaborative Innovation.
17 Febrero 2020
The BMW Group has chosen AkzoNobel to be a trusted supplier of vehicle refinish products and services to a large part of its distribution network around the world. The deal came into effect on February 1, 2020.
14 Febrero 2020
McLaren Racing's 2020 Formula 1 car raced into view ahead of the new season, with AkzoNobel again supplying hi-tech coatings technology for the stylish MCL35.
13 Febrero 2020
The new automatic airspray gun TOPFINISH GA 1030 for industrial liquid coating convinces with excellent atomizing properties and a high-quality spray pattern. The universal unit for automatic applications is particularly low-wear, which reduces spare part costs and halves maintenance costs. This enables process-safe coating in continuous operation.
12 Febrero 2020
U.S. federal agencies and their contractors have to meet special biobased requirements when purchasing products from 139 categories identified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). One of these is corrosion preventatives, which must have 53% minimum biobased content to be a qualified product under the mandatory federal purchasing initiative of the USDA BioPreferred® Program. Cortec® Corporation, a leading corrosion inhibitor manufacturer committed to using sustainable materials where possible, meets this need in the form of EcoLine® 3690, a USDA Certified Biobased Product that can be used to replace solvent- and mineral-oil based (RPs).
11 Febrero 2020
El mercado de la pintura industrial está siempre a la búqueda de soluciones innovadoras para satisfacer las necesidades de alta productividad y reducción de costos de proceso y gestión, con una particular atención a la sostenibilidad ambiental.Para este fin, Arsonsisi ha desarrollado recientemente en sus laboratorios de R&S de Berlingo una nueva linea de pinturas para polimerización con lámparas UV LED (Light Emitting Diodes).
10 Febrero 2020
The Top Employers Institute has recognized AkzoNobel's excellence in creating the best conditions for employees in the key markets of Brazil, China, the UK, the Netherlands and the US.
07 Febrero 2020
New polyethylene-based product line improves durability and longevity of matte coatings.
06 Febrero 2020
The Spanish environmental technology company TECAM will be participating at StocExpo 2020 as an exhibitor in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on 10-12 March 2020 to showcase its environmental technology for vent gas treatment for the tank storage industry in Europe.
05 Febrero 2020
Transparency of the powder coating process anytime and anywhere. With the COATIFY information and management platform, WAGNER fulfils this wish of a leading contract manufacturer in metalworking. The web-based system continuously provides relevant performance data of the coating system and raises awareness among the workforce for system utilization, cost reduction and highest quality in coating.
04 Febrero 2020
The Canadian paint and coatings industry has been a leader in post-consumer paint recycling for more than 25 years with the first program launched by Product Care in British Columbia in 1994. Since the Canada-wide Action Plan on Waste, initiated by the Canadian Council of Ministers on the Environment, all ten Provinces have paint-recycling programs for most of the past ten years under provincial legislation.
03 Febrero 2020
In November, the long-awaited Chemistry and Automotive conference was held at Metropolo by Golden Tulip - a modern conference centre. It was the 7th edition of this international conference, which attracted the attention of representatives of numerous leading automotive and automotive-related companies, scientists, manufacturers of chemical materials, equipment as well as local and international press.
30 Enero 2020
Innovation as a Competitive Strategy.
30 Enero 2020
Swift Coat Inc., an Arizona State University spin-out company specializing in nano-coatings, was selected to receive a $1 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) to advance innovations in solar manufacturing. This project aims to reduce efficiency losses in solar panels due to the build-up of dirt on the panel's surface that blocks sunlight.
29 Enero 2020
Researchers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University have developed a coating for electronics that releases water vapor to dissipate heat from running devices.
28 Enero 2020
PPG (NYSE:PPG) announced initiatives to support Australian bushfire relief efforts.
23 Enero 2020
The CM-26d series of portable spectrophotometers by Konica Minolta has been upgraded and completed. It allows simultaneous colour and gloss measurements.
22 Enero 2020
This year's Dörken Days 2019, held in Frankfurt am Main on 28/29 November 2019, saw over 180 experts receive a comprehensive overview of current trends and challenges in corrosion protection.
21 Enero 2020
Whether driving the Interstate highways of America, the Autobahn in Europe, or the Asian Highway Network, chances are, one will see more white cars than any other colour on the road.
20 Enero 2020
Sea Glass sets the trend for 2020 with energy and shimmer and has reflective and transmissive properties measurable by autonomous vehicle detection systems.
17 Enero 2020
Shown for the first time in a site-specific installation for 'State of Extremes', The Coolest White is an innovative and highly-resilient paint created to protect urban structures from excessive solar radiation and reduce the urban heat island effect.
16 Enero 2020
By 2025 the specialty chemicals group ALTANA will reduce its CO2 impact from production and energy procurement worldwide to zero.
15 Enero 2020
"Eisenmann Thermal Solutions" is saved. Insolvency administrator Joachim Exner has sold the business operations of the company to the strategic investor ONEJOON from Korea. Both locations and all jobs will be preserved.
14 Enero 2020
Digitalisation, individualisation and climate protection are megatrends which represent challenges for coating job-shops and companies with in-house painting operations. With roughly 500 exhibitors already registered at the end of December 2019, the upcoming PaintExpo will offer a globally unparalleled range of solutions from the 21st through the 24th of April, 2020.
13 Enero 2020
El grupo aeronáutico francés confía en Cabycal para dotar de nuevos equipamientos de tratamiento de superficies a sus fábricas de Canadá y México.
10 Enero 2020
PPG (NYSE: PPG) announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Industria Chimica Reggiana (ICR) S.p.A., a manufacturer of paints and coatings for the automotive refinish and light industrial coatings industries. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter 2020, subject to customary closing conditions. Financial terms were not disclosed.
09 Enero 2020
A research team with leading participation of Evonik has achieved a breakthrough in the field of carbonylation chemistry. Carbonylation is one of the most important types of reaction in the chemical industry. It involves the catalyzed introduction of a CO group (carbonyl group) into organic compounds. For more than 60 years, science and industry had been looking for a way to implement the now successful reaction step.
08 Enero 2020
Europolveri, which has been active in the field of anticorrosion primers for many years, especially with the 6L2800003T002 AP zinc phosphate-based primer and with the 6L4800003T002 HP, meeting the market requests, devoted its own research to the study and development of a new product.
07 Enero 2020
Presserv and MONTI will continue their operations under their well-known brand names with their complementary preservation solutions.
03 Enero 2020
The conference programme for StocExpo, the world's largest and longest running international bulk liquid storage event, which returns to the Rotterdam Ahoy from 10 - 12 March 2020, has been unveiled.
02 Enero 2020
After the EcoDose 2K/3K, which are now a landmark in the automotive and industrial coating sectors, Verind has developed a new electronic dosing system dedicated to applications that require simpler functionality than those featured in the EcoDose 2K. EcoDose 2K Easy is born.