Quarterly technical magazine for the industry of surface treatments and organic and inorganic finishes targeting Spanish and Portuguese market. To subscribe, click here
Spain and Portugal are two of the most industrialised and important countries in Europe. This is why we launched the printed edition of ipcm®_Ibérica, in order to spread technical information from the surface technology world and to meet the ever growing need of internationalization.


ipcm®_Ibérica contains articles previously published on ipcm® as well as new articles from the countries of destination and focused on them.
ipcm®_Ibérica contents features technical, scientific and practical information on all kinds of surface technologies: pretreatment/cleaning, wet coating, powder coating, coil coating, anodizing, E-coat, electroplating, thin coating, paint stripping, blasting, sanding, chemicals, raw materials, pigments, paints and coatings, measuring, testing, materials handling, application machines and equipments, coating facilities, IR/UV technology. Contents include cleaning and corrosion protection issues.


3.000 copies ipcm®_Ibérica
Yearly circulation: 12.000 copies
You can view online the table of contents of each issue and read the digital version of the magazine, as well as search for topics of your interest with the ipcm®Pedia query form in each page of the web site.