26 February 2021
KOLZER, an Italian company specializing in designing and manufacturing vacuum coating machines, presents its PVD technologies which replace CrVI-based finishes, the use of which has been prohibited in the functional chrome plating sector with a decorative purpose.
25 February 2021
Cortec has launched EcoShield VpCI-380, a DTM fast drying, water-based fluoropolymer modified acrylic one-coat system that provides corrosion protection and weatherability on metals in harsh outdoor environments.
24 February 2021
As the company works on new projects, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES announced new orders from Asia and America for its environmentally friendly Chrome (VI)-free coating technology.
23 February 2021
At its headquarters in Como, AkzoNobel has inaugurated a new center dedicated to the R&D of innovative surface solutions, in particular for the wood coatings sector.
22 February 2021
Il 25 febbraio alle ore 14:00, BYK ha in programma un webinar gratuito per presentare e far conoscere più da vicino il nuovo spettrofotometro spectro2guide.
22 February 2021
Evonik has invested in chembid, the largest meta-search engine for chemicals, in order to strengthen the company's e-commerce activities and support the development of an independent marketing platform for the chemical industry.
19 February 2021
CIN and Boero announced that the two companies will unite their businesses to create a new dynamic aimed at consolidating their European presence within the coatings market.
18 February 2021
Alexander Enström has been appointed by Hempel as the company's new head of the marine segment.
17 February 2021
Cortec announced the launch of Eco Wrap, a compostable industrial strength machine grade stretch film, which is currently patent pending.
16 February 2021
AkzoNobel signed a three-year partnership with the Tour de France, becoming Official Supplier of the sporting event.
15 February 2021
Quadrum Capital invests in EMM, a global supplier and innovative partner to the paint-processing industries, with the aim of accelerating its growth internationally.
12 February 2021
Cumulus Blue, Tikkurila's colour of the year 2021, is a light shade of blue belonging to a palette that takes inspiration from the colours of nature.
11 February 2021
A new study by the Chiba University, inspired by the colour changes in a peacock's feather, revealed how melanin-mimetic materials, such as polydopamine, could lead to anti-counterfeit and sensing applications.
10 February 2021
After submitting a binding proposal to acquire Tikkurila for €31.25 per share on January 28, 2021, AkzoNobel announced it no longer intends to pursue this acquisition, following a competing, higher, offer for Tikkurila.
09 February 2021
PPG recently supplied coatings and sealants to help restore a 74-year-old four-engine transport aircraft, the Douglas C-54 Skymaster, employed during World War II by the U.S. Army Air Forces.
08 February 2021
AkzoNobel's commitment to employee well-being, engagement and development has led the paint and coatings manufacturer to receive certification from the Top Employers Institute in 5 major markets: UK, China, Brazil, USA and the Netherlands.
05 February 2021
The 16th Pipeline Technology Conference, initially planned as a hybrid event, will be held only online, on 15-18 March 2021.
04 February 2021
AkzoNobel will provide Resicoat R2 coatings for the coating of potable water pipes' interior, as part of the Pearl River Delta water resource allocation project in China.
03 February 2021
To provide a solution to mitigate rebar corrosion, takcling reinforcement surface preparation and ongoing protection, Cortec has developed CorrVerter MCI Rust Primer.
02 February 2021
Solara is site-specific art installation by French painter Zoer, which features 144 automotive models recovered by one of largest scrapyard in France. With this project, the artist aims at creating an industrial heritage by saving automobile wreckage, while cleaning up metal-polluted soils.
01 February 2021
Datacolor has launched Spectro 1000/700, a high-efficiency benchtop spectrophotometer series.
29 January 2021
BASF has announced a 5-10% cost increase on most of its products to continue supporting customers with high-end products and services.
28 January 2021
Read the latest issue of the international magazine dedicated to surface treatment.
28 January 2021
Evonik has launched VP 4200, a new structure modified silica type for anti-fouling coatings to reduce biocide content. The new product allows for a more controlled release of biocide, which is needed in lower quantity for the same performance, and ensures a low thickening effect and easy incorporation.
27 January 2021
Axalta announced its 2021 Global Automotive Color of the Year, a green-yellow hue, highly visible to LiDAR and RADAR systems.
26 January 2021
Axalta Coating Systems has launched "The SuprAnodic Collection", a new range of metallic effect powder coatings.
25 January 2021
PPG announced the acquisition of Wörwag, a global manufacturer of coatings for industrial and automotive applications.
22 January 2021
The MOBACT project is developing bio-based solutions as an environmentally sustainable alternative to metal in order to fight the current major public health problem of hospital-acquired infection.
21 January 2021
EcoCortec by Cortec has launched Eco-Corr Film ESD, biodegradable, compostable static dissipative films and bags powered by "Nano" VpCI.
20 January 2021
ALIT Technologies and SAT sign a collaboration agreement for the sale of Fastrip ISP paint stripping technologies for aluminium extrusions vertical coating lines.
19 January 2021
Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN) has granted a Revolving Credit Facility of SEK 600m, a unique and first of its kind financing solution, to support the Group in its development, protect it from the current market context and provide liquidity to seize new business opportunities.
18 January 2021
BASF has released the BASF Colour Report 2020 for Automotive OEM Coatings unveiling a wider range of chromatic colours used by the world's OEM automakers.
15 January 2021
Despite the difficulties of this historic period, SFCHINA2020 reports positive results for this year's edition, which featured a hybrid format for the first time.
14 January 2021
AkzoNobel announced the acquisition of New Nautical Coatings, owner of the Sea Hawk yacht coatings brand.
13 January 2021
Cortec has launched Micro-Corrosion Inhibiting Coatings, a palette of coatings for corrosion protection in high humidity conditions.
12 January 2021
KRÜSS has completely renewed the company's website, with new, engaging content, optimized mobile use and diverse navigation aids for newcomers to interfacial analysis.
11 January 2021
The Asociación Mexicana de Industriales de Acabados Superficiales (AMAS), organizer of Surface Finishing Mexico (SFM 2021), annouces new dates for the SFM 2021 Expo. The fair will count a virtual event in March 2021 and an in-person expo in October of 2021.
08 January 2021
Last July, after having worked for several months in the presentation of the robots in the Spanish market, Lesta and Cabycal have signed a collaboration agreement for the distribution of Lesta's painting robots in Spain.
07 January 2021
PPG announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Tikkurila in an all-cash transaction.