EOS Mktg&Communication

eos Mktg&Communication is the ideal partner for marketing and business communications, particularly with respect to the surface treatment field. Our goal is to provide marketing and communication services, with a strong orientation to problem solving.
Solving problems is our mission!
The company's core business is the specialised press for the field of surface treatments, which is a key sector of strategic importance for the global market.
Eos is specialised press, but also advanced services for businesses and organisation of events, conferences and training courses, as well as technical courses on coatings, surface treatments and quality controls.
Eos is creation of a corporate image, market analysis, advice on communication strategies, advertising planning, media relations.
Eos is assistance in the selection and organisation of trade fairs to internationalise or promote your activities.
All our activities are based on a deep understanding of the target market and of its needs.
Our customers' success is our primary goal!
  • Alessia Venturi Founder Partner, Editor-in-Chief venturi@ipcm.it +39 347 7188257
  • Francesco Stucchi Founder Partner, Editorial Director, Head of Sales stucchi@ipcm.it +39 347 2305437
  • Paola Giraldo Founder Partner, CFO, Head of Trainings and Events amministrazione@ipcm.it +39 347 5307304
  • Monica Fumagalli Head of Editorial Office fumagalli@ipcm.it +39 0362 503215
  • Matteo Sotti Trade Fairs, Web Sales, Administration sotti@ipcm.it +39 0362 503215
  • Barbara Pennati Web & Social Media Content Manager, Editorial Office, Web Sales pennati@ipcm.it +39 0362 503215
  • Elisabetta Venturi Graphics, Editorial Office grafico@ipcm.it +39 0362 503215
  • Ilaria Paolomelo Editorial Office, Social Media, Newsletter paolomelo@ipcm.it +39 0362 503215
  • Nicole Kraus Sales & Editorial Office for DE, AT, CH, DK, FR, NL, BE kraus@ipcm.it +49 6135 7035 404 +49 6135 7035 409
  • Claus Görlich Sales & Editorial Office for DE, AT, CH, DK, FR, NL, BE goerlich@ipcm.it +49 6135 7035 404 +49 6135 7035 409
  • Sven Kraus Sales & Editorial Office for DE, AT, CH, DK, FR, NL, BE sven.kraus@ipcm.it +49 6135 7035 404 +49 6135 7035 409